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At Steinhart Distillery our mash is prepared daily by hand, batch by batch. We believe in using only the best quality maritime grown winter wheat.

Besides natural sugars, wheat contains starch which is a long chained sugar molecule (poly saccharide) which needs to be broken down into simple sugars (mono and bi saccharides) this is in order to be digested by the yeast. This is done with the help of enzymes which exist in nature and sprouting grains, in other words malt!


Before the yeast is added the PH is lowered to give the yeast a perfect environment to grow and to provide a hostile environment for unwelcomed bacterial growth which would spoil the mash. During the fermentation a special strain of yeast will transform the sugars in the mash into ethyl alcohol and CO2.


The mash is distilled batch by batch in our handmade, all copper still. The first distillation is considered the stripping run, where we separate the drinking alcohol, the hearts, from the rest of the mash (heads and tails). The next distillation is considered the ‘rectification run’ where you very carefully separate the last impurities (heads and tails) from your drinking alcohol. The resulting product will be around 95% abv (190 proof). At this point this will be diluted with best Nova Scotian spring water to 40% abv (80 proof) drinking strength. No chemicals will be added, like so many of the mass produced vodkas sold. Good vodka has to have somewhat of a little burn which should not linger. If vodka is too smooth, that is a result of chemicals, such as glycerin, citric acid, or sugar. If the burn lasts that is a sign of poor vodka (cheap ass crappy stuff sold in plastic gallon jugs).


Some of our vodka will be used to make flavoured vodka using mainly locally produced fruit, herbs and spices. Never ever will we use artificial flavors or funky chemicals.


If you are curious about the distilling process, come and visit us. Either come for a short tour or a few days getaway staying in one of our Chalets, where you will be introduced to distilling hands on.

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