Traditional Irish Cream - Creating a Traditional Irish Cream takes true patience and love. Having sought the expertise from European distillers, we brought the traditional Irish Cream into a delicious Cream Liqueur made right here in Canada. Built on a whiskey base, with REAL cream and a secret bend of some of your favourite holiday spices. Best sipped on it's own, but can be enjoyed in coffee or your next holiday cocktail. 


Appearance - Opaque, caramel coloured.

Aroma - Creamy Latte Coffee, butterscotch and milk chocolate with a hint of nutmeg

Taste - Creamy and balanced with cocoa powder, dark chocolate, creamy latte coffee and a touch of hazelnut, 

Finish - Nutmeg and black pepper spice emerges in the creamy mocha, minty finish

Cream Liqueur 750ml